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Things To Know About 2D Animation company

2D Animation Studio in Canda

What is 2D Animation?

Generally 2D Animation refers to Creating two dimensional (width and height) objects and characters in two dimensional spaces.

Experience the Art Form of 2D Animation

2D animation has several advantages; it can be used for explainer videos or a part of your marketing plan. An entire video can be created only using 2D animation techniques.

 2D animation is becoming a much-used art form and some of the most successful advertising campaigns over recent years are well-designed with 2D animation. Did you know that you can make a 3D styled animation from 2Dsoftwares such as After Effects?


There various applications for 2D animation which are used to create moving on-screen text, such as in a movie opening and closing credits, and can also be used to create opening sequences where a company’s logo comes to life.

Explainer Animation

Another popular use for 2D animation is in ‘explainer videos’ which are used in many companies around the world. They are used to explain a concept or product quickly and easily. They also encourage the audience to take a certain action after watching (such as making a purchase or sending you an email). 2D animations typically combine images, animated characters, and on-screen text to easily explain a complex idea or a piece of information– think of it as your brand or product’s ‘elevator pitch’, captured in a short, fun to watch a video. These explainer videos can then be incorporated on your website or shared via your social media pages or email marketing.

Why work with our 2D Animation Studio in Canada

Visual Connection’s 2D animators have an extensive experience in creating memorable 2D animations and effects for clients around the world. We’re able to find the best way to apply our 2D animation skills to your video idea – from the initial brainstorming, rough sketches and storyboarding, all the way through to final sign off. 

2D animation can be an extremely time and cost-effective way. The best part is you won’t have to worry about hiring a full team of actors, cameramen, and directors – just one animator equipped with one computer, a range of software, and an arsenal of expert skills is required. 

If you need to create a fictional animated character to represent your brand, Our 2D Animation Studio in Toronto can help to know your brand and come up with a character that will accurately reflect your brand personality and ethos, and create the best impression on your viewers. 

We possess the skills to create stunning graphics with the most advanced software and animation programs and techniques available to create 2D animations. Our 2D Animation Company in Canada offers a wide variety of creative services that is planning your character design and concept design to storyboards and animates to the final turn-key production of animation. 

Visual Connections in Bangalore offers a full range of professional services in animated video production. Contact us today to find out more about how we can apply our 2D animation skills to enhance your business project and give it the leading edge.

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